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Simon and the Witchs Hat

Simon and the Witch's Hat

The second book in The Tailor's Apprentice series is now available exclusively to Amazon. Be prepared for more shenanigans and magic gone awry while Simon tries to learn more about Tailoring Magic in Simon and the Witch's Hat. 

What is in the works?

After being selected for Project of the Month on Adim Verse for my short story The Wish. That fifty-odd-word story has evolved into Circuits and Sorcery.

What is Adim Verse?

So if you are a writer, artist, scriptwriter, filmmaker, cartoonist or similar, I recommend you check out Adim Verse. It is a great place to collaborate and meet like-minded folks within the industry.  

What's next for The Tales of Darkwell?

Djinn will be the next stand-alone fantasy in the series. Currently, it is in the very beginning stages...Stay tuned for more on that.
The Wish on Adim Verse
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