The Tailor's Apprentice

Follow Simon Potts on his adventures as an apprentice at a magical tailor shop that is owned by eccentric Mr. Pennyworth. 

Simon and the Seven Monsters

The Tailor's Apprentice: Simon and the Seven Monster by Kal Locksley
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Ten-year-old Simon cannot believe his luck. He is now the apprentice to Mr. Pennyworth, the most famous of tailor in all of England.

What he does not know is that PENNYWORTH’s is not your average sort of tailor and haberdashery. Leaving Simon to tend the store while he goes in search of a giraffe, Mr. Pennyworth gives Simon a set of written instructions. But something has eaten the last and most important page...

What follows is an angry fairy, little monsters, a trip to the ballet house and chaos with every step. Will Simon be able to fix everything before Mr. Pennyworth’s return?

Simon and the Witch's Hat

Simon and the Witchs Hat
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It is Simon's second week as an apprentice at PENNYWORTH's Haberdashery, and he is keen to learn more about Tailor magic. Join him and his best friend Vivian as he deals with a witch's malfunctioning hat; takes a trip to a magical community on the edge of town; has lunch at a restaurant owned by vampires; and gets to put his tailoring magic to the test.

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