First installment of the Darkwell series

Introducing the Tales of Darkwell anthology series is the Snake Charm of the Oracle, a young adult dark fantasy adventure about loyalty, revenge and redemption.

Snake Charm of the Oracle by Kal Locksley

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Snake Charm of the Oracle

Read this Dark Adventure Fantasy and follow Dustin, a young man thrust into a destiny he does not want. Eostra, a millennium-old undead warrior created by the Necromancer, the most feared sorcerer in the history of Darkwell. And the Necromancer himself, a man who set out to find the cure for death upon losing his daughter.  

A tale spanning over a thousand years, three stories divided by time, intertwined in ways our heroes could never imagine.  

DUSTIN wants nothing more than to unlock the lost secrets of magic, preferring to spend his day in the hidden corners of the castle library. But when an ancient statue comes to life, declaring DUSTIN the only one who can retrieve the NECROMANCER’S Resurrection spell, he finds that saying no to destiny is easier than saying no to a king.  

To retrieve the spell, he must travel deep into Serapen, home to the scaled and venomous Viperae. Thankfully, the King has provided an escort. EOSTRA, a warrior with eyes the color of death, another of the NECROMANCER’S creations.  

Before even reaching Serapen, they discover that things are not as they appear. A simple quest turns into a mission to save not only their own home, but the continent of Darkwell from impending evil, and complete destruction.  


For the fans of Dragonlance books, and if you have a love/hate relationship with series then this one is for you! While each story will take place on the continent of Darkwell, each book in this series will be a stand-alone.


First installment of The Tailor's Apprentice

The Tailor's Apprentice: Simon and the Seven Monster by Kal Locksley

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Simon and the Seven Monsters

A funny book for kids, with a twist of magic and silliness. The Tailor’s Apprentice: Simon and the seven monsters, is the perfect book for children to read aloud.

Ten-year-old Simon cannot believe his luck. He is now the apprentice to Mr. Pennyworth, the most famous of tailor in all of England. What he does not know is that PENNYWORTH’S, is not your average sort of tailor and haberdashery. 

Leaving Simon to tend the store while he goes in search of a giraffe, Mr. Pennyworth gives Simon a set of written instructions. But something has eaten the last and most important page...What follows is an angry fairy, little monsters, a trip to the ballet house and chaos with every step.

Will Simon be able to fix everything before Mr. Pennyworth’s return? 

This is a book parents can read to their children, with the assurance that everyone involved will snicker at least once. 

 As a child, the author always wondered where folks like Santa Claus got his big bag, or magicians and witches got hats to pull spells out of, or who made DC's The Joker's pants with pockets big enough for unlimited weapons, etc... And finally came to the conclusion that there must be someone who made these magical items. And so the Idea of a Magical Haberdashery and Tailor came into being.