What’s happening 2023

Simon and the Witchs Hat

What's in the works currently?

Currently, I am working on the second book in The Tailor's Apprentice series called Simon and the Witch's hat. So be prepared for more shenanigans and magic gone awry while Simon tries to learn more about Tailoring Magic. 

In other news, my time is going to be split between Simon and the Witch's Hat and under book I am going to be writing under a nom de plume .  I am very grateful for being signed with an American boutique publishing house and am hoping to have that book out next year March. But because it is a very different genre and under a different name, I won't be talking too much about it on this site or my standard social media pages.  

How did the last book release go?

The second book The Tales of DarKwell omnibus, was released in December. I would like to thank everyone who purchased a copy of Upon a Murder, and an even bigger thank you to everyone who left a review. So far the response has been incredible.

Where can I buy Upon a Murder?

Upon a Murder is exclusive to Amazon for 2023, and is available in Ebook, softcover and hardback. And for those who don't shop at Amazon, stay tuned for the second world wide release that will be happening later this year.

What's next for The Tales of Darkwell?

Due to schedule conflicts, the third installment, Djinn, will only come into play next year. I do promise to make it worth the wait, and I apologize to those under the impression it would arrive end of 2023.
Exclusive to Amazon for 2023
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